The One Mile High: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the state of colorado, and denver have both unwise voters and politicians. both failed to appreciate the cost of a “guilt free” marijuana high. they are now paying the price.

“guilt free” marijuana brings with it the destruction to the fabric of communities. while marijuana users longed to feel comfortable engaging in substance abuse and did not wish the stigma of it being a criminal activity, “legalized” marijuana has become a source of crime. for example, dispensaries are now frequent targets for robbers. further, there also remains the problem of black market sales. marijuana has contributed to homelessness and serious mental and physical health problems.

politicians viewed the legalizing of marijuana as a source of revenue for their cities and campaigns. they never comtemplated or explored the downside in their decision making. in denver, the results of legalized marijuanas was magnified when they decided to defund the police.

“the science,” unlike with covid-19 policies, was never a concern for legislators. both marijuana and meth are capable of manufacturing psychotic homeless individuals. thus, drug policies are manufacturing vagrants and commit crimes. marijuana likewise is an addictive substance for which users crowning daily achievement is “getting high.” many of these users are homeless who can either commit crimes or be victims of them.

thus, the city of denver is now desperate to clean up their mess. they wish to address their self-inflicted wound of a drug and alcohol ravaged downtown. their downtown has had an increase in robberies in the amount of 75 percent and drug-related crimes at 28.6 percent recently. it is so bad that they are reportedly now willing to pay businesses to set up shop there.

businesses, however, if there is no reform, would be ill advised to do so. likewise, the city of denver, in doing so, is perhaps acting in an immoral fashion. businesses operating in crime ridden areas are putting their employees’ and customers’ lives in danger. likewise, the city, in encouraging businesses to return, is placing putting workers’ and visitors’ lives in danger.

perhaps, it is time for the city of denver to sober up to realize that their embracing of marijuana is a significant source of their problem. until that it is addressed, their reimagining downtown will sadly only get someone killed, severely injured or robbed.

be well!!

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