The Old Testament’s Wellness Plan: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Honor your father and your mother, in order that your days be lengthened on the land that the Lord, your God, is giving you

exodus 20: 12

the master of the universe’s “wellness” plan is both explicit and complex. honoring one’s parents is the gateway for a long life.

children often struggle with their parent-child relationships. children have the need to break out on their own. this independence declaration can include revolutionary conflict. parents also undermine their children’s attempt to honor them by failing to appreciate the efforts taken. thus, honoring one’s parent can be tortuous.

to honor may require a psychological transformation. the child’s self-centered ego must work to understand the needs, concerns and feelings of others.

this practice can be the first step for them in becoming a respectful person. trying to get into a parent’s mindset should be workable as a child has strong familiarity with their subject. they know of their parents’ likes and dislikes. likewise, they may understand their parents’ goals and plans. these skills will help them with their other life relationships. relatives, classmates, friends and co-workers should all benefit. likewise, on a spiritual level, the child’s relationship with the master of the universe can benefit. certainly, understanding of their creator, parents, can assist with them understanding the needs of the creator of the universe.

in sum, the commandment to think about others may, in the end, offer peace of mind for oneself.

be well!!

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