Thou Shalt Not Slur: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

hate accusations are a convenient tool for politicians, the media and social activists. the labels of “nazi” and “racist” are hurled out like projectile vomit and its lack of precision. often cheap, lazy and unsophisticated hate accusations are untrue.

in the past, hate accusations moved public attitude. the continued reliance upon them has destroyed those who employment. they stunt the ability to offer true criticism and legitimate debate. i have attended countless democratic party functions where the first words out of speaker’s mouth’s to justify support was that their opponent was racist. these accusations were always offered with no proof. while it may offer red meat to the true believers, it does not evidence that those accusing would make better leaders.

slurring has a cost. inflammatory words are increasing to have both de minimis value and impact. imprecise accusations such as accusing a conservative black gubernatorial candidate for california as being a white supremist is evidence of the absurdity. allegations of dennis prager, a jewish man and author of a book on anti-semitism, is being a “nazi” is another head scratcher.

outlandish accusations are so comical that slurs are becoming a badge of honor.

in canada, the parliamentary speaker decided to end this practice and struck out at their prime minister.

prime minister justin trudeau, a man who is pursuing a dictatorial solution against the working class, hurled the term “nazi” in debate. his salvo include a jewish conservative mp. as a result, trudeau was reprimanded for using inflammatory language during debate. in response to accusations that he is overreaching by enacting executive powers, he responded by saying: ‘conservative party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the confederate flag.” the jewish mp lantsman later tweeted: ‘i think the prime minister should think long and hard about his own history before singling out a jewish member of parliament and falsely accusing me of standing with a swastika.”

despite the reprimand, pm trudeau’s heart further hardened and no apology was made.

trudeau’s desperation reeks in the air. he is the man on on a very lonely island. refusal to meet and address legitimate working class concerns is unacceptable for an elected leader. rather, his lazy irrational rhetoric is exposing him as a failed leader. the horns of freedom will topple his house of cards.

in sum, the days of hater slurs may be waning for those holding office. pm trudeau’s epic fail is now a cautionary tale.

be well!!

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