An Un-Bearable Injustice: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

california wildlife authorities have been accused of crossing the line. a death sentence has been imposed upon a homeless state icon.

the state icon is being punished in part due to property damage while homeless in los angeles california are remain essentially unpunished for causing significant property damage and structure fires. a death sentence is imposed on this icon that penalty is off the table by the district attorney in a high profile and vicious murder which has rocked the city.

give the state of california, the lake tahoe community is now engaging in un-bearable justice. a bruin, the namesake of one of the most iconic hollywood bears, yogi, has been targeted for capture and euthanization.

yogi has been no “gentle ben” in the community. he has learned to live off of the residents. he has on occasion invited himself into people’s house for dinner.

this type of problems are in part due to residents not “bear proofing” their land. yogi has been so successful in his dining that he has become obese and tops the scale at 500 pounds. he is linked to 38 episodes of property damage.

bears are a california symbol. one adorns the state flag. two of its major universities, ucla and uc berkeley, have bears are their mascots. further, the department of forestry uses “smokey the bear” as the spokesperson for fire prevention. now, the state is trying to “smoke” a bear. outrageous!

voices of reason have emerged. humans have taken up yogi’s cause. it is no justice league of america, it is the bear league. they have pushed to see him relocated to an animal reserve where he can live out his life. they emphasize the point that humans have played a role in creating this un-bearable problem.

a main argument for mercy is a simple question: why should yogi be the victim of poor land management skills? the accusation against the bear is that he is a “severely habituated or human-food conditioned black bear.” the accusation again points to the residents. again, why should yogi pay for essentially the crimes of those who do not respect or appreciate the fact that they live in a wilderness area? to misquote whoopi goldberg, ” isn’t this a truly a case of man’s inhumanity against “bears?”

in sum, those who live in wilderness areas must respect the wildlife. government official must take this into consideration and make all efforts to get this bear relocated to a safe haven. it would be a great injustice for an iconic animal to be destroyed given the circumstances. all efforts should be directed towards relocation.

be well!!

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California town divided over whether to kill chonky bear


Ben Cost

February 17, 2022 3:01pm 


A Lake Tahoe Town is divided over whether to kill a chonky bear named Yogi.
A chonky bear named Yogi has been wreaking havoc on property in a Lake Tahoe town. Now, with officials trying to trap and kill him, Yogi’s fate has divided the community.The Bear League


It’s got a fat chance of survival.

California wildlife authorities are facing backlash from Lake Tahoe residents over their campaign to catch and euthanize a 500-pound black bear named Yogi who’s wreaking havoc in the area.

“This one individual bear has been linked to property damage at 38 different properties at least,” Peter Tira, representing the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, told KCRA 3 in Sacramento of the problem animal, which resides in the wealthy Tahoe Keys neighborhood.

Per the wildlife authorities, the obese bruin has reportedly been the source of more than 150 calls between law enforcement and wildlife personnel recently. They reported that despite efforts to dissuade it, the chonky boy caused “extensive property damage and forcefully entered several homes — including occupied homes.”

In order to mitigate Yogi’s destruction spree, the CDFW has been setting up traps to catch the blubbery beast — but to no avail.

“The trapping activity is a measure of last resort to capture and euthanize a specific and what we call a severely habituated or human-food conditioned black bear,” Tira said.

However, the bear hunt sparked an outcry from residents, who tried to sabotage them by trying to scare away the bear, playing loud music, and even spray-painting “Bear Killer” on the government’s trap, per the Nevada current.



4-time Fat Bear Week winner Otis again crowned chonk champion

Meanwhile, bear activist group the BEAR League has been coordinating with the CDFW to transport Yogi to a safe haven.

“The BEAR League reached out to the director of an excellent out-of-state wildlife sanctuary who agreed he has room and would be very willing to give this bear a permanent home,” said executive director Ann Bryant. “We notified [the California Department of Fish and Wildlife] on Tuesday morning asking that this option be seriously considered rather than killing the bear.”

She added, “[They] immediately responded to us stating they will coordinate internally and get back to us.”

However, Bryant doesn’t see sanctuaries as the permanent solution, and instead urges Tahoe Keys residents to practice preventative measures such as securing garbage, and keeping trash out of cars.

“Homeowners and visitors need to do their part to keep the bears out of trouble so they can live wild and free,” she said. “The various reasons that the bears get into trouble is because people do this and they teach the bears that’s a good way to make a living.” 



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