Ee Ee Lee Update: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the accused in ee ee lee murder now both have trial dates.

accused, kamare lewis, has been set for a 5/18/22, a final pre-trial conference date with a 6/6/22, trial date.
the other accused, mr. kevin spencer, has his final pre-trial conference date set for 3/21/22, and a trial date for 5/9/22.

prior to these settings, an evidentiary ruling in the kevin spencer case now has excluded his dna as evidence. the prosecutors have indicated that they will obtain and new search warrant to obtain new dna evidence. if this new dna evidence is not admissible, then other evidence will become necessary to prove a conviction. this includes testimony. testimony, however, may be problematic in light of the trial setting schedule. kamare lewis, the other accused, would likely be a witness at mr. spencer’s trial. he, however, has his trial scheduled after mr. spencer’s. thus, mr. lewis likely to enact his rights to not self-incriminate himself and not testify. as a result, the prosecutor will have to rely on the other witnesses who were present. so, the big questions are will these witnesses cooperate and what can they testify about ?

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