“Blurred Lines” Is Now More Than A Song: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

robin thicke’s song “blurred lines” became a super hit in part due to its sexy music video featuring beautiful models almost naked. it has over 784 million views. an unrated version of the music video was also produced. this as well was highly popular with 75 million views. these two videos illustrate the problematic of modern day sexuality. something unacceptable, with some editing, can become acceptable.

while the “blurred lines'” example is rather benign, two stories illustrate the sexuality’s dangerous slippery slope within society. the ten commandments addressed sexuality in a limited manner. the adultery prohibition can be extrapolated for the proposition that sexuality, as an aspect of life, requires respectful treatment.

two high profile case illustrate the current societal dilemma.

an attractive 15 year old tiktok made the news when her father killed an 18 year old stalker who showed up at their house.

the stalker showed up at their house apparently upset that he didn’t get explicit content. the tiktok star sells videos she makes of herself for $1,700.00 a video. she sells selfies as well. dailymail.com

arguably, the tiktoker’s business is soft core child pornography.

there are many questions with respect to this business enterprise. does this young woman understand or appreciate what her patrons are using her videos and selfies for? if this business expanded where adult males could pay to meet her in person, what would than constitute? does this type of online enterprise embolden child predators?

the income from this enterprise creates dissonance. one must ask as to what point does such an endeavor reach a the level of child abuse?

the other story is of, professional baseball player trevor bauer who faced criminal charges over allegations of sexual abuse of a young woman. from the facts, it appears that the young woman provided him explicit suggestions as to what she was willing to do on a sexual basis. from the reports, one of the suggestions was that she be choked. mr. bauer had an encounter with the woman. he apparently stopped when she requested him to do so. the depravity of what she agreed to is evidenced by photographs of the young woman. the district attorney’s offices decided not to prosecute mr. bauer believing that they could not prove their cause beyond a reasonable doubt. presumably, the lack of criminality was due to the consensual nature. the message from this case is that consensual physical depravity of a sexual nature is permissible.

with mr. bauer’s case, where will the slippery slope go? what would have been the result if he choked her to death? arguably, it was a consensual act and thus criminal liability could be avoided.

in sum, it is incumbent that the united states legal community start a debate as to how to repair the “blurred lines” of sexuality before the slippery slope becomes a drop off of a cliff. open debate on this topic may give rise to fruitful bright line legislation.

be well!!

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