The Little Truths and the Bigger Truths: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

stories that are coming out of ukraine are literally all over the map. it is hard to decipher what is true. the truth is, does it really matter? for those outside of the conflict, there is the bigger historical truth about european conflict and aggression. smaller conflicts can become larger conflicts. we have two world wars to evidence this fact.

thus, the truth is that if diplomatic measures cannot resolve this conflict, there is the danger that there will be escalation.

russian leadership calculated their act of agression to include a win. can russian leadership walk away with less than a win? was their anticipated goal within the bounds of reason? or, did they think that they could march into ukraine with white flags waiving at them as they entered the country?

russian is perhaps now in a position that they did not anticipate. they are holding their cards and so are those who are opposing this aggression.

in essence, a high stakes poker game is being played out on the world stage we are to see if russia is prepared to go “all in” and commit their country’s military assets to win at all costs. at the same time, other world leaders sitting around the table must be placing in bids and fiddling with chips to present themselves as holding the winning hand. for them to win, they must show russia that it is more advantageous to fold than to risk losing a bigger gamble.

in sum, as the conflict goes on and the ukraine holds on, the question of import is how much pressure can be placed upon them so that they accept the reality that they will have to fold.

be well!!

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