A Strike Out Of Baseball May Be A Warning Sign: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

baseball player brad netzer took many swings and perhaps struck out on his career. mr. netzer, the reports indicate, is a problematic individual who has one redeeming quality. he, unlike other individuals, is truthful. he admitted to his free expressions racism, homophobia, and anti-semitism. strike one, two and three. boston.com these expressions cost him his job.

mr. netzer last swing of anti-semitism was a career-ender. perhaps, it was the wiff heard all over the world. mr. netzer, part of the boston red sox organization, directed anti-semitic tweets towards team’s chief baseball officer, chaim bloom. mr. bloom, an observant jew, who may have been particularly insulted when mr. netzer challenged his “jewishness.”

mr. netzer’s swings of self expression has now landed him without a team. he was dismissed from the red sox. he may be now a man without a league. major league baseball teams may be hesitant to take a chance on him. he now presents as a public relations problem.

mr. netzer’s willingness to openly express his views may mark something more troubling for society.

as governments and schools are beginning to act and legislate in racist ways, they perhaps are emboldening those with opposite views to act out in the public arena. thus, as politicians and social activists try to create divide, they are creating people who feel they have nothing to lose by outwardly expressing hate. these individuals feel that they process of being vilified, scapegoated and marginalized every day. what do they have to lose?

perhaps, it is time for society to re-evaluate the ramifications of the rhetoric coming from the government and social leaders. in the past, the likes of mr. netzer perhaps could have worked and been a good citizen and kept his personal beliefs to himself. he may have in fact been a good co-worker with respect to those he had issues with. while he made inflammatory tweets, there was no comment that his conduct towards others was offensive in any way. instead, we may be on a path to where, once again, individuals may feel quite comfortable wearing white robes while standing on streets.

be well!!

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