Are Bloggers God-Like? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

creative forces take many forms. this includes blogging.

bloggers have their name, their blog, their followers, their commenters, their viewers, and those who lack interest.

bloggers create their opinions, views, philosophies, and their style and share them for others to embrace.

thus, bloggers’ issues can be many. do bloggers wish to protect their good name and brand? do bloggers wish to have and grow followers? do bloggers wish to have viewers? do bloggers wish to receive positive feedback and comments? do bloggers wish to be “liked”?

the value of one’s name is a value expressed in the torah. his name, words, opinions are essential. his value of those who follow and appreciate his directions is existential.

bloggers face many issues that the master of the universe faces. bloggers receive negative or critical comments. bloggers receive requests for content or favors. bloggers are derided. bloggers are un-followed. bloggers are unappreciated or lack interest.

the torah evidences god’s confrontation with issues such as doubt, competition and lack of faith. likewise, the torah evidences god’s decisions to act or respond. this best evidenced by god’s decision to free the children of israel from egypt. exodus 3: 9. bloggers are also confronted with decisions concerning their creation and protecting it. they are confronted with addressing those who wish to participate with the blog.

so, what is to make of all of this? bloggers, when reading the bible, perhaps have perspective to understand the creator of the universe’s struggle to make a world habitable for humanity. bloggers can appreciate god’s actions that he makes chess like moves with respect to humanity to move the world to a better place. understanding god can make the torah a more enriching read and study.

be well!!

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