From Virtue Signaling To Virtual Assisting: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Telehealth can transgress geographic, science, social, cultural and political barriers and it has the potential to allow healthcare for anyone, anytime and anywhere

Galia Barkai

the covid-19 pandemic perhaps will be best remembered for both technological advances and compromises with medical treatment. integrated medical technology advances combined with the acceptance non-contact medical treatment has opened the door to a new medical delivery system as much as there was once a time when doctors made house calls.

this delivery system’s first large scale test is taking place in response to russia’s invasion of ukraine. this technology is allowing medical providers to place their virtual feet on the ground to provide vital medical assistance to the refugees and others.

israel’s sheba medical center, responding to covid-19 pandemic, created a virtual hospital providing for remote care and monitoring. sheba beyond is the project’s name. the concept is still a work in progress. “the services are continually evolving, with artificial intelligence introduced to improve decision making, and plans to introduce robotics and sensors to give more objective patient information.” sheba

it is reported that “sarit lerner, chief technology officer of sheba beyond, the virtual hospital of israel’s sheba medical center, flew to moldova on saturday night with an initial delegation of 15 physicians, medics and paramedics from Israeli voluntary emergency response organization united hatzalah.” “this is the first time i know of that a humanitarian mission is adding extraordinary value to the first responders there,” said dr. galia barkai, director general of sheba beyond.

“sarit took with her the technology that brings all of sheba’s excellent clinicians and specialists to the war zone.”

assuming that this effort is successful, it is it is possible that this technology will allow doctors all over the world to offer assistance in areas of need. the medical profession will be an area where one does not have to virtue signal. they can actually virtually contribute their healing and life saving skills in real time.

be well!!

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