Celebrating 450 Blog Posts With Tips and Insights: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

there is the great blogger unknown. why are my stats and data going this way? it is mystery that must be solved!

my professional blogging miraculously had a blog post’s impressions skyrocket. the number and my rankings were unbelievable. at one point, i ranked number one on the internet for this particular topic. suddenly, it disappeared.


the answer came too late. a pre-covid lung disease post took off into the heights of cyber space only to crash and burn. the search engine algorithms appreciated the quality and content. the article, however, became dated due to it’s lack of covid-19 discussion.

with the article becoming relevant at the time, it precipitously dropped in impressions, views and ranking. by the time the problem was realized, it was too late. later content on covid-19, content never drew such a high level of popularity.

the lesson: external forces change shape your blog. with my apologies to mr. bob dylan, you need to take the time to which way the wind blows.

recently, was it censorship, content that was viewed offensive, or something else?

when i reviewed my data, it appeared that a particular post may have caused either censorship of the blog or individuals deciding to stop viewing. surprisingly, the blog is not something i considered controversial. i won’t identify the post in this article. if you wish to email me, however, i will be more than happy to explain my speculation concerning post’s problem and my rationale for making the post.

the something else, in this circumstance, is the ukraine-russian conflict. the interest in understanding and keeping up with the conflict may be driving individual’s priorities right now. thus, people may have better places to visit to get their information and opinion. while i have posted matters relating to ukraine, i am not competent to discuss the matter with any depth.

while the drop in viewership was disconcerting, at the same time that this was occurring, i received “good news.” the extensive blogging has translated into capturing a keyword ranking. further, page authority has increased as well. thus, while traffic may have diminished, algorithmic advances have been made. as a result, more views have been generated by searches.

the lesson: even during stormy and mysterious times, staying on course with quality content is key. you are building up your algorithmic position while current events may overwhelm us, continuing to post quality content at this time is planting the seeds for future viewership.

in sum, in these troubling times, we all must pray and hope for peace. we all must continue to do what we can to make the world a better place.

be well!!

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