A King’s Song About Adultery? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

it was a song destined to be sung by a king. not king david, however.

rather, a modern day king of sorts took the stage to perform it. this modern psalm penned by songwriter mark james and recorded by rock n’ rock royalty topped the charts. music king elvis presley made the song “suspicious minds” the last hit of his illustrious career.

“suspicious minds”, per mr. james, documents the struggles of a dysfunctional relationship. smoothradio.com it would appear from the song that it is bordering on issues adjacent to adultery. it tells of a married man’s feelings toward his childhood sweetheart. these feelings have taken his matrimony to a bad place. the song’s honesty and emotions expose listeners to this relationship struggle. the chorus, “we can’t go on together with suspicious minds (with suspicious minds) and we can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds,” addresses the trust’s erosion. the lyrics reflect that thoughts of betrayal must be resolved to heal the relationship and move it forward.

trust, as a critical relationship component in the song, is marked in lines such as “why can’t you see, what you’re doin’ to me when you don’t believe a word i say? ” thus, healing is a two way street.

the lyrics also reflect the challenge being honest or open on issues that are potentially harmful to the relationship “as it was said, when, honey, you know i’ve never lied to you.” genius.com

with these great lyrics, the king laid out a masterful performance. below are links to two versions. a recorded one and a live one. the live elvis performance comes with his patented jumpsuit. in that version, the quality of his band and back up singers shine.


in sum, a number of people enter into marriage carry with them unresolved feelings concerning past relationships. the ten commandments’ edict may serve as a bring to resolving conflict. while one may have feeling the past, they may also have feelings towards honoring the ten commandments. this commitment may offer the reassurance their partner seeks.

be well!!

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