Honor (Other’s) Mother and Father? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

And you shall teach them to your sons and speak of them when you sit in your house

deuteronomy 6:7

parents have obligations to raise children. the torah ascribes a moral obligation. in modern society, parents have legal obligations toward their childrens’ health and welfare.

the disney corporation does not have such an obligation toward children. yet, they are choosing to meddle.

the disney corporation injected themselves the florida educational bill controversy concerning teaching young children and parents’ rights. disney’s opposition to the bill makes one thing clear, they hate parents.

the allegation that they “hate parents” is based upon the fact that disney has had other opportunities to speak up on issues impacting the lgbtqi+ community. disney, however, made no such noise or press when it involves the action of a totalitarian regime, i.e. china. thus, only when elected officials act on behalf of parents does disney corporation care. why do they care? they hate parents.

parents are entitled to have their young children innocent as long as possible. they may wish take their children’s time in public school be dedicated to learning such things as reading, writing and arithmetic. they may wish to take the role of dealing with sexuality and gender as something to be addressed at home. is there something sinister about this?

disney is offended that parents wish to maintain their role as parents. these are the very same parents that they wish to pay exorbitant park fees and for streaming services. disney, to further show their hatred, are now going to produce more gay content. dailymail.com presumably, this content will be geared towards young children.

disney, in contrast, made no digital footprint of disgust or complaint when china, through government action, instituted censorship of “sissy men” from television in their country. their action in doing so was well documented in the news. dailymail.com surely, an entertainment company concerned with lgbtqi+ rights and operating an entertainment park in the country would be concerned? why not?

perhaps the answer is that disney simply hates parents. they disrespect their rights as parents to raise their children. they disrespect their moral rights to raise their children. they disrespect their religious parental obligations.

in sum, parents are well advised to take their entertainment dollars and use them with companies that are pro-parent. additionally, there are many children’s bible based entertainment available. disney’s unbalanced advocacy on lgbtqi+ exposes the company for being something less that least bias place on earth.

be well!!

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