From The Torah to Present Day, Disgraceful Spies Are…Disgraceful: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

recent admissions as to the authenticity of content of hunter biden’s laptop computer have been disturbing. 51 so called “spies,” during the height of the presidential campaign, essentially signed a letter advising that the laptop computer’s contents was russian disinformation. the new york post has written extensively on the topic. this letter provided cover for denial of the allegations by then candidate biden and allowed news agencies to deny the content’s validity. this in turn led to censorship of the reporting on the laptop. now, their reporting is to be considered accurate. voters were denied to consider this information when casting their ballots. at what cost was this suppression of information? could the election results have come out different? if biden was elected, would there have been ongoing investigations into this by congress at the beginning of his term?

with the new revelation, the spies who signatories are now being called “liars.” the new york post contacted each and every one of the alleged lying spies for comment. only a few have them responded and none with an apology.

stories of spies who lie are not new. the torah has an important one. in the book of numbers, the master of the universe called upon the children of israel to use spies to scout the promised land of canaan. numbers 13-14. the spies were chosen from each tribe and were individuals who were considered men of distinction.

they were given the scouting assignment and went out for 40 days to achieve it.

a number of the spies came back and presented to moses, aaron and the children of israel. they apparently spread their lies concerning the promised land, canaan. they exaggerated the strength and size of the occupants. they cast doubt as to whether the land could be conquered.

the consequence of the lies were catastrophic to the children of israel. the community became in despair. they gave up. they wanted to go back to egypt and return to slavery. m the emerging nation was on the verge of collapse. moses and aaron were threatened to be stoned. the master of the universe was not happy.

in the end, the nation, in part due to the spies’ lies, were barred from entering the promised land. it would be 40 years before they would enter. only joshua and caleb, who were truthful, were allowed to enter. as for the spies that lied, god cancelled them old testament style with a dose of the plague.

the parallel between what recently happened and the past is astonishing. the united states intelligence community members’ dishonesty has shaped the landscape of politics. in turn, dishonesty and immorality have become business practices. in turn, the country is heading in a bad direction.

what should happen to these “so called liars?” should the reporting by news organizations quoting them indicate that they are disgraced members of the community? should news organizations hiring them be excoriated for taking on someone with low credibility? i am sure that new york post will be keeping tabs on them and issue reminders to all.

in sum, while these disgraced spies may not be subjected to the plague as was done in the past, they themselves have been a plague on the country. for this, it is best that they retire and never return to public service.

be well!!

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