Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

my one bit of wisdom to all is that “nothing good ever happens after midnight.”

while the saying is a generality, it a mantra for parents to impress upon their children; and for children to impress upon themselves. let me be the bad guy, the wet blanket and the marshal of the obvious.

this special piece of wisdom comes from living on the same block as two popular bars one of these destinations had a moment of fame as it was featured in a movie. as a result of it, they now boast having the “greatest fish tacos.”

for a period of years, thursdays through sundays, my sleep was disrupted with loud music, police sirens, street and alley fights, and loud and drunk people. all this was experienced without leaving my residence. to sleep at night, i binged on crime shows to block out the outside noise. the sound of gunshots, explosions and car crashes was music to my ears.

at times, i was forced to venture to the street after midnight. there, i witnessed patrons passed out the sidewalk, intoxicated masses doing stupid things, and fighting. often, i witnessed a police presence. making it worse was that some of these individuals used our residence as their open air restrooms. occasionally a rare occasion, our walk way served as a literal air bnb.

these experiences, along with stories of late night violence, led to my conclusion that “nothing good happens after midnight.” for years, i have impressed it upon my children.

recently, a young journalist making news further proves the adage. ms. sierra jenkins, 25, was one of two individuals who were killed during crossfire that occurred outside of a virginia bar. it is reported that she was leaving the restaurant when she was shot. she was a well thought of journalist. thus, with some irony, unaware she was the victim, her employer reached out to her to cover the story. from all accounts, she was someone who was working hard on her craft with a bright future. a future now cut short.

in sum, as a parent or a child and wish to heed to this advice, you please feel free to blame this post for doing the right thing and adopting the “nothing good happens after midnight” into your lifestyle. remember how a future can be cut short, such as ms. jenkins, for being somewhere at the wrong time.

be well!!

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