The Return of The Psychic Cat? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

for the lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

proverbs 2:5

a ten commandments’ project saying is “nothing good happens after midnight” sadly had a “psychic cat” moment.

in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, a tragic shooting happened at an airbnb which had a party. at 1100pm, the police came to the residence responding to a noise complaint. Ninety minutes later, at about 12:30am, there were multiple shots fired with two teenagers fatally shot. a total of about 90 shots were fired and 5 others were injured.

parents, young adults and children, please take this tragedy as another cautionary tale as to have to safely navigate the world. please feel free to use this blog as to the excuse as to why you are going home from an event or party before midnight. its all the “ten commandments’ project” fault! rather than you being the “wet blanket” on a good time, let this blog be the bad guy. let the blog take the grief. have your friends send the blog comments as to how stupid the rule is. don’t be pressured to ignore common sense and wisdom.

with stories such as what happened in pittsburgh, we all gain knowledge and understanding of the world. in this particular case, we see the how law enforcement was involved early on with the party and that did prevent the tragedy. the police call was for a disturbance when neighbors complained. we see how police will leave a disturbance when there is compliance. the noise disturbance itself was a sign that trouble was brewing. personally, more than five years of my life was subjected to be awakened by police sirens long after the police were called for noise disturbances. practically ever friday and saturday night was a siren fest in venice california. i live with tinnitus in my ears forever more.

you, now armed with this knowledge and understanding, have the ability to find the wisdom that self imposed curfews are good. if you use your knowledge and understanding of the world to see the realities of life, you may never find the need to consult a psychic cat.

be well!!

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