A Father Goose Story: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

ms. victoria williard, at the moment, in an attempt to make a video recording in a jacksonville florida parking lot ran into a biological force of nature.  dailymail.com it was fowl on many levels. she was attacked by a member of one of this planet’s greatest parental teams.  while mother goose was away, father goose went after ms. willyard when she may have come to close the geese’s next.  father goose was egg-cited and did an  egg-cellent job in chasing off the intruder to protect the future goslings. much parenting can be learned from geese. there is team work between the partners and they are extremely intentive.  geese are so good at parenting that that they are willing to adopt other animals to protect and raise.  i recently observe them raising ducks. geese parents have a front and back approach to raising their goslings.  often, when you see them walking, there is one parent in front with the other other parent holding up the rear.  this approach contrast with other fowl.  ducklings are led by their mother duck with the drake, or father, absent. geese are tough customers even when socializing among their own.  they are not afraid to “goose” one another in times when one is out of line.  they can be aggressive when threatened. this wonderful story is one for children to learn about parenting.  a story of how parents protect their children even when they have been yet to be born.  a story of how mothers and fathers can both participate in raising children.  it is a story of how two parents working together as a team can make a happy and safe family for children.  finally, it is a story of respect for animals.  animals must be approached cautiously when they are in the process of birthing their children as raising newborns.  animals can become aggressive in defending their young. be well!! if you would like to read more posts, click here if you find this post meaningful, please share if you enjoy koolaide, please “follow”

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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