Moore Family Justice: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

gemmel moore’s family and friends may now be able to put to rest their pursuit of justice. family and friends brought justice for their loved gemmel. a task with insurmountable odds.

in hopefully the saga’s final chapter, the moore family presented to the judge their views concerning the sentencing of mr. ed buck. further, they were present to was witness mr. buck being sentenced for 30 years. mr. ed buck, a democratic mega donor, who was found guilty of crimes surrounding the deaths of mr. moore and one other individual. at the hearing, the judge noted that the crimes were both horrific and reprehensible. mr. buck reportedly injected these two men with methamphetamine. they died as result.

the moore family and friends victory significance must be weighed upon the fact that the los angeles country district attorney’s office did nothing to take on this matter. los angeles, being a heavily democratic party city and mr. buck was a well known entity, made it unlikely that he would ever be charged. dead bodies being carried out of ed buck’s residence did little to bother those in power.

the federal government’s justice department, however, took the ball and prosecuted mr. buck. with a republic administration, mr. buck was unable to cash in his favors.

thus, with impossible odds, the moore family obtained justice. the friends and family did a remarkable job. some credit is due to the the us attorney who obtained the conviction.

be well!!

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