The Ultimate Recline? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

That in all other nights
some eat and drink sitting with others reclining,
but on this night, we are all reclining?

mah nishtanah

a blogging challenge on a limited topic is relevant material. the blog’s goal of making ancient topics appreciated is to find contemporary events that elucidate them. thus, it took a man going into outer space to address the topic of reclining at the passover seder.

a major feature of the passover seder is reclining. after all, it is one of the four questions that are asked in the haggadah. “maimonides writes: one is required to see himself as if he had just now left egyptian slavery. hence, when a person eats on this night, he is required to eat and drink while reclining, as a sign of freedom.” reclining is often achieved by the use of pillows. this year, it was achieved by “anti-gravity.”

this year, passover, for the first time in history, it was celebrated in the anti-gravity environment of outer space. unencumbered and unshackled by earth’s gravitation forces, astronaut eytan stibbe had the moment to perhaps celebrate the greatest act of inclining in seder history. no amount of pillows could produce the comfort of being free from gravity. he spent his passover seder being about to float in freedom as he consumed his grape juice, matzah and gefilte fish.

while the experience of freedom is one thing, astronaut stibbe appreciates that freedom is both a physical and mental construct. thus, he intends on sharing the passover story with his fellow astronauts and discuss with them the story of deliverance from slavery. his expression of freedom came when he stated, “no dream is beyond reach.” the freedom to dream is something worthy of celebration.

in sum, astronaut stibbe teaches an important lesson that the perhaps intoxicating feeling of body freedom must be shared with the exploration of the mindset of freedom and its appreciation.

be well!!

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