Real Di$ney Value$: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

He lifts the poor from the dust; From the dunghill, He raises the pauper, To seat them with princes, And a seat of honor He causes them to inherit, For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, And He placed the world upon them.

1 samuel 2:8

inclusion includes a wealth factor. education, nourishment, lifestyle and entertainment are forces of exclusion. some corporations play up they are inclusionary when they are the greatest excluders of all. for profit corporations are about making money for their shareholders. fake “inclusion” offers them to portray themselves as virtuous. in reality, a large number of corporations don’t care about one group in particular, the poor. they are in fact all about offending them.

children from the lower class navigate through life seeing others with fancy clothes, sharp basketball shoes and smart phones. they quickly realize the division between the haves and have nots. they also realize where they fit into the scheme.

recently, disney corporation’s workers zoom meetings have been made public. they proudly boasted about their being gender inclusive to be more welcoming for all. male and female terms were to be removed. parks will use the term “dreamers” instead. for children of lesser means, their dreams from going to disney may be in fact “nightmares.”

in true cinderella fashion, sans a happy ending or any happiness whatsoever, disney corporation’s attitude towards the lower class of society was on full display at their anaheim park. lower class families attending the park for perhaps for a once a year or lifetime visit were rudely introduced to disney inclu$ion 101. two of the relatively easiest rides to get onto as well as “young age friendly” were taken over by those with money and the exclusion of other paid park customers. it is reported that both the teacup and dumbo rides were taken over by vip customers who paid approximately $3,000.00, to effectively bounce all of the other patrons off of the ride. the vips, the kardashians, took over the rides. what seats they did not use were left empty. they got to enjoy the rides while other children got to watch and wonder as to why they were not allowed on the ride. yes. disney wanted to expose these children to the concept of “exclusion.” if you don’t have the money, you are undeserving of happiness. disney taught these children that not only are their vips, but also “lips,” less important people. they experienced “lip” service. 

many families of little means save up money to make their “big event of the year” to go to disneyland. the cost of a family going can be hundreds of dollars. these families may not wish to wait in line all day for one ride so they may taken in the lesser rides. likewise, they may have small children and wish to go on age friendly rides such as the carousel. disney both robbed these customers as well as excluded them. these children learned that they are of the caste of untouchables. this is quite a lesson to learn at an amusement park.

the article reporting on kardashians noted that the vip “practice is not out of the ordinary for the wealthy – including celebrities – as they pay a hefty sum in the thousands for a guided tour with priority access to ride lines and a personal space away from other general guests.” 

in sum, consumers with values should consider other forms of entertainment beyond disney. also, are those preaching “inclusion” really inclusive? while disney has no room for these individuals, rest assured that the master of the universe, as noted in samuel, has great plans his people of lesser means.

be well!!

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