Looking In The Mirror Can Be Painful: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

I am not what you would call a handsome man. The good Lord chose not to bless me with… with charm, athletic ability… or a fully functional brain. 

paco, waterboy

the great character actor mr. clint howard, brother of ron, in the waterboy movie, laid out the epic line “i am not what you would call a handsome man. the good lord chose not to bless me with… with charm, athletic ability… or a fully functional brain.” not too many people possess this sense of awareness. as a result, the backlash from this is now being played out on a national level. it has created a great awakening in the united states.

cameras, both still and video, are not too kind to me. absent some childhood photos, it is quite difficult for me digest. at its worst, my sister’s wedding photographer was forced to edit me in a photo. he placed someone else’s eye in place of mine! he gallant efforts resulted in a comic fail. on top of my parent’s piano rests a testament to futility. the horror!

video, has also not be kind to me as well. recordings of my professional presentations before large and prestigious groups have occasionally been recorded. no matter how good the presentation is, personally, it is a cringe fest.

thus, irrespective of content, cameras can be painful experiences to many. there are even actors who never watch their old movies and shows.

there are others, however, possess overinflated views of themselves. they believe that they have everything going their way. they are of abundance of great looks, great thoughts, great values, great morals, great wisdom and great intelligence. they think so much of themselves that they choose to videotape themselves and post it on social media. in doing so, they have offered up their content for the whole world to see.

an overinflated ego can be both dangerous and damaging. many of these videos were aggregated by the libs of tiktok (@libsoftiktok) / twitter, a twitter site. this site made these individual’s posts to be seen outside of tiktok. the tech term for phenomena is that the posts have become “amplified.” as a result, the viewers outside of tiktok are consuming their material. further, due to those posting’s lack of filtering, editing and judgment, these videos have exposed to the outside world views and conduct unacceptable to mainstream society. some of the views and conduct are so outrageous that they are comical and embarrassing.

despite the fact that there are aggregators looking for these tiktok videos, apparently someone individual’s insatiable egos continue to upload content. this compulsion may be fueled by a primary leftist value. the value being “whatever our position is, it is always right and everyone else is wrong.”

the result of this leftist value is that they have taken to the belief that they have both permission and a right to indoctrinate young children on the topic of sexuality. to their chagrin, this had caused a great awakening by parents. parents understand that sexuality is perhaps a topic best for parents to teach their children at an age appropriate. parents want their children to core learning of reading, writing and mathematics. this leftist value concerning sexual indoctrination is so extreme that it is alienating event liberal parents. as a result of their upset liberal parents, like their conservative counterparts, are both now in the cross-hairs of leftist ideology.

in sum, the creator of the twitter site has now forced those with leftist ideology to look at themselves in the mirror. this makes them mad. it does not make them mad, however, because their views and opinions of those posting videos are wrong, misguided, and are not being accepted, rather, they are mad because this courageous young woman shed a light to a greater segment of society as to how deluded and dangerous the leftist agenda is to young children.

leftists have underestimated that humans are animals. within animals, there is the powerful force called “parenthood.” just like mother and father gooses and mother ducks, parents are ready, willing and able to fight to protect their children. this is now being played out across the country.

be well!!

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