God’s Name In Man’s Image? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a potential landmark archeological find has recently been announced. timesofisrael.com

if this discovery stands up to scrutiny, this discovery rivals the dead sea scrolls. the reason is that the it re-sets the time and place at which things existed in israel. the find , a curse tablet, establishes when israelites occupied israel. it establishes that israelites had a functional written language at the time. it establishes that the israelites had the ability to write down the torah at the time. likewise, the artifact supports biblical texts, deuteronomy and joshua. this is important as joshua’s story had been subject to large amounts of criticism as to its historicity.

beyond that, the tablet contains the name of god. gershom galil, as part of the team, drew a depiction of the name. here it is.

now that you looked at it. imagine yourself three thousand years ago looking at this writing. imagine yourself not being literate. what do you see?

in the middle, there is the depiction of a human. was the god’s name somehow a depiction of an image of man? after all, it may make sense as man, per the bible, was created in god’s image. what is going on here?

continuing with a visceral view of the word, we also can see the right arm on the depiction more pronounced than the left. can this have anything to do with the right arm of god? the right arm of god is something referenced in psalm 118, as well as other places. on the left side of the human, there is a letter. the letter also looks like the sign used by priests in giving a blessing. does this marking have anything to do with blessings? on the right side, disregarding any knowledge of the paleo alphabet, does this object look like a sword? did a sword, in those times, depict a notion of judgment? did a sword determines who would live and who would die? thus, does word contains the symbols of blessing, judgment and man? thus, was god depicted in this word as the being with the power to both bless and cast judgment?

now that you have seen the name of god as how it was depicted, it perhaps gives greater understanding was to why the god’s name was so valued at the time? as hebrew alphabet lettering has changed, this view of the word has become lost.

in sum, much congratulations is due to all of those amazing individuals who made this great discovery including dr. scott stripling, the associates for biblical research , and the teams of scholars and scientists.

please make comment on what you see.

be well!!

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