Honoring One’s Father By Singing The Most Emotionally Painful Song: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

before he was born, his father wrote a song about his child to be. the song is considered one of the greatest singer-songwriter songs of all-time. the father-son relationship, unfortunately, did not last long. a few years later, his father tragically died in a plane accident. the father, the great mr. jim croce, the son, musician mr. ac croce, and the song “time in a bottle.”

mr. ac croce embarked on a career in music. unlike his father, he took up piano. as a result, he chose not to play his father’s songs as they were guitar songs. mr. croce embarked on a career of performing eclectic music. he found that he and his late father shared a love of certain particular songs.

at some point, mr. croce’s mother gifted him something special. it was his father’s classic guitar which he used to compose his songs. it was a delicate instrument. with this gift, mr. ac croce decided it was time for him to pick up the guitar. he studied the guitar and then took on perhaps the most emotional task any artist could ever endeavor. he was ready to perform “time in a bottle.” below, you can via the original song played by mr. jim croce which includes family film of ac. i have also included ac’s performance of the song. finally, there is an interview of mr. ac croce concerning his father of interest i have included. when one views ac singing, the emotional pain is apparent. the song has many great lines such as “i’ve looked around enough to know that you’re the one i want to go through time with.” ac was the “one” was who mr. croce was referring to, his son. when he sings the song, it is all too apparent.

mr. ac croce, honored his father, courageously singing this wonderful song so that perhaps younger generations can appreciate an amazing piece of music. it is a great tribute from a talented artist to his father.


be well!!

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