Super Star Loses Award And Its OK: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

You shall commit no injustice in judgment; you shall not favor a poor person or respect a great man; you shall judge your fellow with righteousness.

leviticus 19:15

a superstar actor just lost an award.  the governing body rescinded it.
no, this is not about will smith. no, this is not “click bait.” this is about beloved actor, bruce willis, and his recent golden raspberry award or razzie. 
the razzies celebrate bad movies and bad performances.  mr. willis won and won big.   his 2021 movie making was so extraordinary that the razzies made him his own special category for his eight critically-panned films that year. mr. willis was a lock to win the award as it was for his “worst performance of 2021.”   after all, the category was the “worst performance by bruce willis.”
there was a problem, however…
the willis family recently has come forward to announce the great actor of the die hard movie series and other great movies is retiring from acting due to a neurological condition called aphasia.  aphasia is a brain disorder that impact’s one cognitive abilities.  reports have come out that there were signs of the condition impacting mr. willis’ ability to perform during movie productions.
the razzies came out rescinded the award.  they noted that “if someone’s medical condition is a factor in their decision making and/or their performance, we acknowledge that it is not appropriate to give them a razzie.”
perhaps,  the razzies engaged in a rabbinical-like debate of fairness in judgment.  is there room to make an exception for someone who is not on top of their game? for the razzies,  absolutely.  the proof for the exception comes from mr. willis himself.  mr. willis, at the top of his career and his skills, made a movie called “hudson hawk.”  many believe that the movie could be perhaps the worst movie ever made.  it was nominated for and won a number of razzies.  mr. willis was in fact nominated for in the actor category for the movie.  his acting skills and charm perhaps saved him from inning the award that year.  his nomination, however, is evidence that mr. willis, in his best days, without suffering from any ailment, was razzie capable.  thus, an exception for his medical ailment is legitimate.  he was never above the law of “bad taste.”
thus, mr. willis, once razzie worthy, is now more worthy of hugs, kisses and best wishes. 
PS: mr. willis once hung out on our driveway during a production.  he was very nice to my brother and made a big impression.  

be well!!

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