Disney’s PR Problem: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a large segment of the population fails to think things out in entirety, disney leadership included. disney leadership taken great measures to destroy their company by attacking florida legislation concerning early education and parent’s rights.

disney, as well as others, fail to understand that they are not on a yellow brick road to meet the wizard of oz. they are on a pathway to a place that they either fail to understand or don’t appreciate. dailymail.com the concept of open sexuality, an openness and acceptance of all forms of sexuality, includes non-consensual sexuality.

thus, it would not be surprising if someone spoke up in a meeting where people said that , “their greatest sexual pleasure and preference is one in which i engage in the activity with my partner when they do not want to participate or a resistant. it is a total turn on.”

i would not be surprised if there were people who accepted this notion as just another form of sexuality that can be part of the ever expanding sexualities. the sexual activity described is “rape” or non-consensual sex.

in the heterosexual world, there have been high-profile cases such as harvey weinstein and bill cosby with allegations of non-consensual sex and society appears to back the notion that these actions will not be tolerated. in the non-heterosexual world, society has not been so eager to protect those subject to such activity. the ed buck case is one of them. the moore family pulled teeth to get prosecution of the case. a recent incident in san francisco illustrated it when their family member’s death was dismissed from criminal investigation because he had a date rape drug in his system and that drug use was part of the culture. non-consensual sex is not exclusively limited to heterosexuals.

consent is a legal construct. legal systems establish the fact that there are certain individuals who are incapable of consenting such as those lacking mental capacity, those that are intoxicated or those that are incapacitated. children who are under aged are legally incapable of providing consent. thus, adults in the society know that children are hands-off.

sex and gender education in early education serves one major purpose. it is an attempt to erode at the notion of age and consent. after all, if a five year old knows how to perform oral sex, why shouldn’t they do it? the more knowledge they have about sexuality, the more justification an adult will have to engage in activities with such child. thus, this is part of the notion of grooming. to understand this, please consider this to the following analogy: it is quite possible to teach a twelve year old how to capably drive a car. society, however, does not want twelve year olds behind the wheel driving a car for a multitude of reasons does not want them to be on the road. thus, the argument, “they know how to do it, so what shouldn’t they be allowed to do it” simply does not fly.

as an early teen, i recalled being approached by a man in an arcade in westwood offering to take me to meet his niece of have sex. i thank god that i had enough wisdom in my mind at the time to realize something was wrong. it was only later on, i appreciated the fact that this was most likely a child predator who had intention of doing harm to me.

a strong reason for limiting children’s consent for sexual acts is the the fear of pregnancy. as the open sexuality movement pushes gay children and trans children to come out, the argument concerning consent and pregnancy lack validity. children who have had their reproduction systems altered to the point that they can no longer get pregnant eliminates the argument. gay or lesbian sex acts don’t lead to pregnancy. thus, there will be those who will argue that since there is no possibility of pregnancy, there should be no bother as to these under aged children having sex. the consequence of this is devastating. children are becoming sexual predators at their schools and preying on other students.

disney’s real pr is now pedophilia and rape. a large part of the moral from the tale of sodom and gemorrah is that non-consensual sex is intolerable.

be well!!

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