A “Psychic Cat” Moment? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

for the lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

proverbs 2:5

unless we value correctness, what good are opinions or predictions?

as a lawyer, my ability to make accurate opinions and predictions is my livelihood. my clients rely upon it.

getting opinions correct is multi-factorial. the bible offers a great starting point. the bible. knowledge and understanding does truly lead to wisdom. many simple bible stories are rich in capturing the human condition. they are a great stepping stone toward getting things right.

others perhaps, can rely upon cats to get their opinions. yes, there are those who believe felines possess psychic abilities. for many years, there was a “psychic cat” street performer who was a rock star on the streets of westwood. whether the docile black with white spotted feline possessed such powerful mental acumen is a subject for debate.

thus, to bring those “psychic cat” followers along with me, i would like to make note of a “psychic cat” moment. my post morality play asserted that that mr. will smith’s slap of mr. rock was one of protecting the smith family intellectual property. i made the argument that humiliation was a family industry. prior to the award show, the family had a history of sharing their humiliation in the form of their entertainment programming. since that post, it has been reported that mr. smith will be exclusively addressing the incident on his wife’s facebook program. this incident will draw tremendous traffic and may offer ms. pickett smith a pathway to becoming the next oprah. this move proof of this modern monetization of the destruction of damaged individuals for the sake of entertainment. mr. smith, as part of this industry, will not be allowed to do the healing that requires privacy. his wife’s pursuit of fame overrides his mental well being.

in sum, a victory lap for the psychic cat or wisdom? regardless, it was a was “purrrfect” take.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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