A World In Which Everyone Will Have Their 15 Minutes of Victimhood: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

For the times they are a-changin’

Bob Dylan

with the ukrainian war, society reshuffled victimhood status. the country has embraced ukraine as the new and shiny cause. the newest victim for people to worry about, to support and to virtue signal concerning.

this post is not intended to discount a group or country’s need for help and support, but rather to comment how society embraces victims for only a limited period of time.

ukrainian victimhood status coincides with the increasing fall of blm victimhood status. society’s support of blm victimhood status was already weakening. covid-19 victimhood had already emerged. with deaths and serious illness related to it, the covid-19 pandemic displaced justice as a cause celeb victim.

as covid-19 took victimhood status, the media felt comfortable reporting on questionable activities within blm leadership and financing. this evidences the diminishment of victimhood status. likewise, covid-19 victimhood status, to some degree, has been diminished as well. with dropping numbers of serious sickness and death, people are tossing the masks out en masse and trying to get back to their normal lives.

with victimhood status comes victimhood fatigue. there is a continuous cycling of victims. maintaining victimhood status is most difficult. as part of an ancient people, jews have cycled into victimhood status on a number of occasions. the holocaust serves as a prime example of trying to extend victimhood status. to keep the motto “never again” to remain in world psyche, scholarship, museums, and commemorations have worked to prevent it from fading away. this is a true challenge as those alive are witnessing the ukrainian-russian conflict in real time. they are living through their own history and their own “interesting times.” getting them to study the past will be a daunting task.

on a micro level, we are also seeing victimhood status in play. with the oscar’s slap incident, while mr. rock is the true victim of the violence, it is only a matter of time when the victimhood status will be shifted towards mr. will smith. mr. rock’s attitude to get on with his life and career making his victimhood status ever so brief. mr. smith’s troubling marriage and a scary childhood incident draw him sympathy by many. he will be perceived as an emotionally troubled individual worthy of victimhood status.

this brings us to the passover holiday. while passover eternally commemorates the hebrew’s slavery and bondage in egypt, it, however, is not a holiday of victimhood. to the contrary, passover is the holiday of freedom. arguably, it is the celebration of a dream that one day there will be a world without victims. it is a holiday when the door is opened for elijah the prophet to attend. this is signify the coming of the messiah. further, this notion is evidenced in a declaration after the exodus. exodus 22:21 commands that “you shall not mistreat a stranger, nor shall you oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of egypt.” this, surely a rule to prevent the need for victimhood status.

be well!!

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