New School Harvard Is Simply Old School: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

jewish people are keenly aware of history. their book, the torah, takes them back to the creation the universe with the epic “in the beginning” or “breshit bara elohim.” they have a covenant with the eternal god, the master of the universe. this established covenant runs through time. historical events are often interpreted in view of the covenant. the happenings of the world, both small and large, play a role in the relationship’s psyche. the jewish people have a strong attachment to history and remember past doings. apparently, harvard students don’t.

recently, harvard university crimson newspaper’s editorial board wrote favorably concerning the bds movement. the bds movement’s essential goal is the destruction of the modern state of israel. bds is classic jew hatred. the harvard paper’s pronouncement sadly is a celebration and reiteration of the university’s 100 year old act of jew hatred. the editorial board, in deriding the jewish nation, takes no time to document their university’s unique history of educational “apartheid” against jews.

yes. long before the creation of the modern state of israel, harvard university had its own “jewish problem.” apparently, too many jews attended and that was a problem. thus, harvard university acted to restrict jewish admissions. in 1922, exactly one hundred years ago from the crimson’s opinion piece, harvard president lowell acted to reduce harvard’s jewish population. jewish admissions were reduced to a maximum of 15 percent. the president believed in doing so it would reduce anti-semitism. president lowell’s view of harvard university appears to be correct 100 years later. he recognized harvard was truly a breeding ground of anti-semites. he was right. it still is. jewishvirtuallibrary

the creation of the modern state of israel brought with it the establishment of outstanding institutions of higher learning. talented jewish people do not have their academic futures tied to an admission to harvard. they can go to israel and participate in engineering and medicine programs that are internationally recognized. these institutions are also competition for harvard with respect to research. with the covid-19 pandemic, the world had turned to israel and not harvard university for their important medical research results. much of israel’s medical research has helped the world navigate through the pandemic. perhaps, one could argue that those at harvard are wishing to suppress jewish achievement abroad as it threatens the university’s reputation and prestige. thus, the crimson’s actions can be be viewed as another attempt to cap jewish scholarship and academic achievement. this time, however, they are not satisfied with keeping their desires within the confines of their institution.

ironically, harvard may in fact be partly responsible for the modern jewish state of israel. jews disgusted with harvard’s jew hatred in the 1920’s may have used it as a motivating factor in the 1940’s to support and fight for the establishment of the the state of israel. if jews had no place in harvard, they needed someone else to go.

in sum, i offer the following words to these harvard historically challenged individuals: “am” “yisrael” “chai.” in english, “the nation/people of israel lives.”

be well!!

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