Thou Shalt Not Kill Carl: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

there is a line separating humans and animals.

many humans appreciate that “wild animals” must maintain their “wildness.” in other words, their survival instincts cannot be compromised by human contact. simple acts of feeding “wild animals” can cause irreparable damage to them. they can become habituated.

thus, when a “wild animal” gets too much human contact, it can lose the ability to live in the wild.

“carl the rooster” was sort of “wild.” he, however, had much contact with the town of ocean springs. he had so much that he was considered the city’s unofficial mayor. like any politician, he made himself available to be photographed with his human admirers. he patrolled the streets of the town a routine in which he did his meet and greets. with those moments, he also got his eats. he apparently had fondness of bagels and was willing to take in a few classes at a local fitness center to work off the pounds all in all, he was beloved.

carl’s human contact was perhaps so extensive that he could no longer exist in the wild. carl’s human contact also perhaps led to his demise.

carl’s murder was a true source of upset. a manhunt set out and the rooster killer and there was an arrest and conviction. further, the woman accused lost her job.

carl’s legacy is being celebrated. his tragedy is being used for the good cause of raising funds for animal charities. carl’s passing is that of a rock star. t-shirts, memorials, and a coffin are already out there. a funeral including a band performance is in the works. wht

this all begs the question as to why is carl’s passing so significant?

carl put his trust in humanity and he rewarded it with his kindness. he took the time to hang out with peoples of all shapes, ages, and forms. he chose to be there and be with people. he perhaps did not appreciate the story of humanity, however. humanity is full of irrationality. as with this story, one human’s alleged heinous act has placed a city in mourning and reflection. this seemingly small immoral act, rippled in impact to an entire community of 18,000. the community’s reaction expressed that they collectively valued and respected the lives of animals. this message will not be lost upon the city’s children.

be well!!

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