The Institution of Justice Destroyed? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Justice, justice shall you pursue, that you may live

and possess the land the Lord, your God, is giving you.

deuteronomy 16:20

the torah makes clear that “justice” that, when the children of israel were to return to the promised land, it was a crucial societal institution. the united states founding fathers were well aware of this concept when they created the united states. the founding fathers inscribed leviticus 25:10 with reference to proclaiming liberty through the land is inscribed upon the “liberty bell.”

as a law student, i received the american jurisprudence award in constitutional law and was a teacher’s assistant in the subject. as a lawyer, i practice in an area of law in which justice has a loophole. with a simple act, the adjudicating body i go before has the power to indefinitely suspend issuing an opinion on a case of controversy. some of my clients have waited over two years just to get a legal authoritative decision. in other words, no justice, thumbs up or down, has been delivered. the lives of my clients, and their opposition, have been put on hold because of a lack of justice. not a lack of a “just” decision, just simply a justice system that has a serious problem.

do you believe this is unfair for individuals to not obtain a final decision from a court?

if your answer is yes, you appreciate the contention that a judicial system be able to function to get out decisions in a fair and efficient manner. we are all entitled at least receive a reasoned decision going either way.

in the united states, one selfish act, the supreme court draft opinion “leak” on the abortion rights case, has in effect destroyed the federal judicial system. with the supreme court’s integrity now in question, “politics and politics shall you pursue” has supplanted the torah’s mandate for justice. america has devolved to pre-ten commandments’ principles. we are now a “mob rule” society.

the “leak” of the draft of a proposed decision, had corrupted the supreme court’s collaborative process that allowed justices to debate, propose decisions, and vote for a consensus.

the court is now subject to political pressure during their deliberation process. legal principles, the facts of the case, the law, and the precedents no longer matter. the supreme court justices calculus now includes working around a barricaded court house with politico’s decrying and screaming out them. even worse, these justices’ personal lives have become invaded by protestors coming to their houses to disrupt their family live. even beyond worse, the executive branch of the government arguably has made no to effort to protect the judiciary by issuing any statement. the executive branch has left the justices hanging in the wind while there are people seeking them to do physical harm.

one can only think that the parties before such a court, forever more, would believe that they will not be receiving a fair decision. rather, politics remain as an added factor to whether they get justice.

the abortion issue has been a rallying point for the democratic party voting base. there is too much opportunity for voter registration and fund raising to resist. thus, to hell with the justice system.

the justice system is dead. yes. dead dead dead.

supreme court chief justice roberts is failing out country in the worst way possible. his failure to act is bringing the institution of the supreme court to its demise.

if there is anything that can be done to save what little integrity is left, he must immediately be transparent to the entire united states citizenry and, in real time, give the public an accounting of any and all attempts to catch the leaker. he must have the court post a reward for information leading to the apprehension of the leaker. a “hotline” should be established so that individuals can provide the court information about the leaker. each and every clerk should be summoned in and required to sign under penalty of perjury that they had no involvement in the leak. also, they should be required to provide the court access to any and all of their court owned phones and computers. likewise, each and every justice on the court should be personally questioned by both chief justice roberts and his investigator to provide whatever information that they have to assist in apprehending the leaker.

chief justice roberts must further expedite the decision on the case. the “leaked” draft, which has been authenticated, should be given a vote. after the vote he should ask the dissenting judges, if any, to make the decision unanimous decision such as in brown vs. board of education. this message by a unanimous decision is to send out the importance of a justice system undeterred by politics and mob rule.

if chief justice roberts does not assert strong leadership, the date that the brief was leaked will be known as the “day that justice died.” sadly, we will all be saying “bye bye ms. american pie”…

regardless of what you may think, an independent justice system is more important to america that the decision on an abortion’s rights case. our society can exist while we debate and work out the rules and regulations concerning abortion. our society cannot exist, however, will not exist without the rule of law.

be well!!

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