Another Museum Of (In)Tolerance: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

And you shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, since you were strangers in the land of Egypt.

exodus 23:9

holocaust museums, at their inception, may have been a good idea. unfortunately, many of these institutions have embarked on a path towards a pathway that will lead to both their diminishment as a valuable teaching source concerning anti-semitism. a new york city holocaust museum is proving the point.

institutions need funding. there are buildings to maintain, the need for new exhibits and programming, and the need to pay the staff salaries. these museums, as noted in a past post, are open and willing to accept government funding. government funding, however, comes with significant costs. accepting this funding requires surrendering values and morals and submission to the government. once addicted to government funding, the government can now dictate the contents of the museum. you piss off the political party with holding the purse strings, good luck on getting funds to keep the doors open.

thus, it is with no surprise that these type of institutions embrace lecturers and scholars such as peter hayes. he is an outstanding holocaust scholar. his message, however, is disconcerting. in one lecture at a holocaust museum, he essentially indicated that there was little, if any, that the us government could have done militarily to prevent holocaust killings. this a perfect message to send out by a museum if you wish to get government funding.

perhaps holocaust museums view their own existentialism more important than the reality that surrounds them. in california, holocaust museums essentially took hush money in exchange for the california educational system embarking on a state wide ethnic studies program which has been viewed by some as anti-semitic.

thus, it is with no surprise that a new york holocaust museum has acted in an intolerant way. they banned governor ron desantis to speak at their institution. the same institution that allowed arguably one of the most virulent anti-semitic politicians, rep. alexandria ocasio-cortez, to appear in the facility, could not allow mr. desantis.

the argument blocking governor desantis’ appearance was based upon a message of “inclusivity.” what is lost on the holocaust museum that the “inclusivity” movement uses anti-semitism and anti-zionism to rally their base. thus, in reality, the museum, in taking their action, is doing anti-semitic pandering. who knew?

be well!!

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