There Are Those Who Claim Great Achievement…And Then There Is The Real Deal: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

we often talk about individual’s greatness. a person’s greatness often has a supporting cast responsible for the achievement. parents, teachers, spouses, employees all have contributed to many historically great figures. over time, however, few people appreciate those efforts.

one of these supporting cast member’s greatness, however has eclipsed the greatness that he helped others to achieve.

mountain climbers take pride in their accomplishments. i would assume that pictures of their accomplishments adorn their homes and offices. making it to the top of a mountain is an amazing accomplishment. mount everest is one of those mountains that tests these achievers. annually, approximately 5 die trying. this climbing season, two have already died.

mr. kami rita sherpa has made a record setting 26th scaling of mt. everest. he is historically one of the world’s greatest daredevils. he is a sherpa who is a guide who assists those climbing the mountain.

mr.kami rita sherpa is responsible for many individuals who proudly boast of their great conquering of climbing mt. everest. i would assumed that their homes and offices may be adorned with with pictures of them on the mountain. i am sure that many people praise them for their accomplishment. these individuals know, however, who is the true king of the mountain. mr. kami rita sherpa is the man who risked his life for the glory of others.

unlike those who have assisted greatness in the past, mr. kami rita sherpa is being recognized by the press a number of times on his amazing success.

with this recent great accomplishment, perhaps the table has been turned. mr. kami rita sherpa’s customers may no longer brag that they climbed mt. everest. rather, they may brag over the fact that they did so with the company of mr. kami rita sherpa, the historically great and record setting sherpa.

be well!!

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