Thou Shalt Teach Your Children “Skills” Part II: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in the first blog post, there was a discussion of rabbi yehuda’s wisdom of advising parents to teach their children a trade so that they could be upstanding citizens. to not so, the rabbi opined would be tantamount to teaching them to steal. taking the rabbi’s advice to modern times, the term “skills” versus “trade” may be more applicable. a child with “skills” will likely be able to make a living and support themselves in a moral fashion.

“skill” development in children can be done in early childhood. activities such as regular religious service attendance, organized sports participation, music programs, and theater programs are great avenues for “skill” development.

within these programs, children will learn lifelong “skills.” the “skills,” however, are not exactly what the programs are about.

each of the programs recommended, and there are others, teach many general “skills” which will make the children employable.

first, these programs have a notion of time. children will learn the organization skill of calendaring and showing up at the right time and location.

second, there programs have notions of teamwork. children are taught that they are responsible to the group.

third, there programs have notions of practice. children are taught that they may need to practice on their own time as well as practice within a group setting.

forth, some of these programs involve clothing and equipment. children learn to organize having appropriate clothing and equipment ready.

fifth, some of these programs involve group dynamics. with this, it is important that children learn role play and communication within their respective roles. in certain settings, some individuals take on larger roles while others take on smaller supporting roles. children need to learn about times when they are and are not the center of the universe.

sixth, children will learn how to interact with others. this is akin to having co-workers at a job. children need to learn how to get along with others. likewise, they learn to take directions from superiors, i.e. coaches.

in the long run, children may not become great religious leaders, professional athletes, concert level musicians, or broadway performers, the enumerated skills learned within these programs are vital towards having and maintaining a vocation.

be well!!

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