Joan Rivers’ Orwellian Moment? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

george orwell, author of 1984 and animal farm, is universally recognized as the modern prophet. should joan rivers, the late and great comedian, also be recognized as a prophet?

our farsical society is presently engaged in the disseminating dangerous medical disinformation via emojis, calvin klein commercials, and a netflix show that men can become pregnant and give birth to children. there are some in society who are buying into this concept and perhaps it is cool. these people perhaps may not be aware of the fact that the pregnant man concept is old news. last century old news.

in 1978, comedian joan rivers envisioned the pregnant man in a 1978 movie. yes, forty four years ago, she broke the barrier on this irrationality. in 1978, she wrote, with mr. jay redarek, and directed the comedy “rabbit test.” comedy great billy crystal stars as the man who gets pregnant. ms. rivers, the gender prophet (?), even had an actor mr. roddy mcdowell in “drag” in the movie.

is “joan the prophet” to blame for this unhealthy fantasy of male pregnancy? is she the unrealized prophet of the gender movement?

perhaps this pregnancy phenomena can be a teaching moment as to the greatness of joan rivers. she, as a comedian, was able to direct and get her husband to produce, a movie in the 1970s. not only did she make the movie, it was cast of a star studded cast of individual who have had amazing entertainment careers. it would appear they were believers in the greatness of joan. i have no recollection of any other female comedian who wrote and directed a comedy in the 1970s. this was an amazing accomplishment at the time. while critics hated the film, it was a commercial success. finally, this post to reflect on one of the all time great joan rivers comedians of her time.

in sum, as ecclesiastes 1:9 remarks, there is nothing new under the sun. one must wonder what ms. rivers would be thinking about the the current male pregnancy fantasy. would she be able to give an honest answer or fear cancellation? would she tell people to knock it off, it is a goof? would she be in favor of the trajectory of the gender movement? regardless, she is perhaps “the prophet of male pregnancy.”

be well!!

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