A Cautionary Tale For Parents As Why THEY Must Teach Their Children The Ten Commandments Immediately: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

And you shall teach them to your sons and speak of them when you sit in your house, 

deuteronomy 6:7

a recent story illustrates how modern parents will fail if they do not assert their moral obligation to teach their children. the torah, in deuteronomy, obligates parents as their children’s teacher.

with this obligation, parents are ultimately responsible for the task of teaching their children morality.  this torah does not directly task it to teachers.  parents, however, can delegate the responsibilities to teachers and schools.  religious schools can fill in some of this requirement.  the delegation, however, does not abdicate parents from playing a role in understanding and testing their children as to what they have learned.  likewise, school choice can determine the nature and extent of the child’s learning. 

the cautionary tale to be discussed is of a single mother who is blaming her difficulties with her thirteen year old son on the education he is receiving in school.  her son, who is biracial, attended an anti-racism critical race theory class at his school.  his mother claims, that as a result of the class, his son has used the cry of racism with respect to aspects of his life that don’t go his way.  it is reported that he claims that doing chore around the house is racism.  he has accused his white biological mother of being racist.  dailymail.com

like many stories,  we can read through the lines.  first,  children at age thirteen are in rebellion stage.  the crt perhaps afforded this child language as arsenal for his impending rebellion.  i would not be surprised if a son, in a jewish family, decried doing chores due to the fact that his ancestors were once slaves in egypt and that he was a free man and can choose not to do chores.   also, reading through the lines, the article does not comment upon the child having any religious school training or being part of a church or temple.  thus, we do not know from the story as to whether her child is aware of the ten commandments and his obligation to honor his mother. we also do not know whether the mother raised the ten commandments as an issue with respect to her son’s hurtful and disrespectful words and actions. 

thus, from the story, we find a mother asserting her child was plagued by a school district lesson which has impact his attitude.

the moral of the story is that parents must “vaccinate” their children against these dangerous forms of teaching.  while efforts should be taken to remove this type of educational programming, parents must teach their children morals before it is too late.  parents must take the time to impress the ten commandments upon their children.  there are videos that they can show their children, there are books that they can read to their children, and there are religious schools where they are taught.

in the instance of this child, the mother could have leveled two assertions against him.  first, he is to honor her as his parent.  second, the claim of “racism” with respect to her is a lie and that is not acceptable as well.  

in sum, it is imperative that parents get ahead of this children’s school education and impress upon them the ten commandments.  this moral knowledge will both protect the child from what they are being told as well as create a positive setting in the home.  

be well!!

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