The Color Of Morality: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“Without the actions of Dr. Cheng, it is no doubt that

there would be numerous additional victims in this crime”

Sheriff Donald Barnes.

what is the color of morality? the answer is simple. there is none. generalizations and stereotypes do not provide an answer. the most recent example is the tragic laguna woods church shooting.

the church shooting had two central actors, an asian accused hate crime murderer, and an asian physician who forfeited his life to save the lives of others. each individual’s actions tells us more about the person than their skin color.

not long ago, american had a wake up call as to mainland china militancy in the united states. in 2017, there was an incident at the university of california at san diego. this, a location not too far from laguna woods. the school had nobel peace prize winner, the dalai llama, as a commencement speaker. this, to the surprise of many, turned out to be a controversial choice. insidehighered some mainland chinese students attending uc san diego were extremely upset over the llama’s presence at the university. he offeded them. to them, he was a nationalist rebel and not a man of peace. the mainland chinese students were vocal about their upset and there was even an op-ed from one of them. chinafocus

while some mainland chinese students view the dalai llama in a different historical light than others, the reality was that they were attending a united states university. in contrast to their view, a large part of the world views him favorably. as noted above, he is a nobel peace prize recipient. thus, for students who are not mainland chinese, it was most likely a great honor to have an important historical figure be their commencement speaker.

this uc san diego dalai llama protest should have raised concerns that there are mainland chinese in the united states. they take chinese nationalistic aspirations seriously. from the reports from the laguna wood church shooting, the alleged murder was in part based upon his hatred of taiwan. it is well-known that the chinese government wishes to take control over taiwan.

in contrast to the chinese students with the dalai llama controversy exercised their first amendment rights to express displeasure over the dalai llama, the alleged murderer at the church sent his message via immoral violence.

in contrast, the victim in the laguna woods church incident, dr. john chang, was someone of high moral character. he served his community. beyond his practice of medicine, he helped students getting into medical careers, worked with student athletes, and was a team doctor. cusdinsider while the stories are not clear, it would appear, since he was at the church, that he was an individual that held judeo-christian values.

in the end, one’s actions tell us more about an individual than their skin color, ethnicity or nationality. individual’s acts, moral or immoral, is how an individual should be judged. with this story, we are left with the loss of a great human being who paid the ultimate sacrifice to save others. his memory should serve as an inspiration to others.

be well!!

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