Another Smith Slap In the Face? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

not to be outdone by her husband, jada pinkett smith’s upcoming netflix series decidedly slaps the entire country of egypt on its face. the docu-series controversy surrounds the depiction of cleopatra being african. apparently, the motivation was not to tell the truth, but rather that ms. pinkett “wanted to be involved in the projectContinue reading “Another Smith Slap In the Face? A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Culture Club: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleonYou come and go, you come and go boy george a lesbian holding an equity inclusion and culture position and representing that she was part latin, asian and arab was recently outed by her mother. her mother revealed that her daughter was “white.” close in the news’ cycle, theContinue reading “Culture Club: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

The Color Of Morality: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“Without the actions of Dr. Cheng, it is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims in this crime” Sheriff Donald Barnes. what is the color of morality? the answer is simple. there is none. generalizations and stereotypes do not provide an answer. the most recent example is the tragic laguna woods church shooting.Continue reading “The Color Of Morality: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Protestors, Looters and the Ten Commandments: The Racism/Wealth Excuse

when the ten commandments were provided to the children of israel at mt. sinai, it was arguably a cohesive group of people. if we were to define them by racial characteristics. they were mostly from the levantine region or canaan. the group that left egypt included other racial characteristics. the torah mandates that those whoContinue reading “Protestors, Looters and the Ten Commandments: The Racism/Wealth Excuse”