Canada’s Greatest Export To The United States Threatened: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

canada’s great export to the united states is not mr. william shatner. like mr. shatner, however, canada’s greatest export came to the u.s. on their own volition. here, in the united states, this export found swaths of the country hospitable and settled down. they also too a fondness to the state of california. these exports will let you know of there presence. for some, the canadian goose’s honk can be a terror, and to others, it is the sound of music.

foster city california has perceived the canadian export from up north a threat. the city is alleged to be plotting a canadian goose erradication. their death sentence allegedly warranted by goose feces and its pollution of the waterways. humans residents of the community, however, are fighting for the geese. they believe that humans and wild animals can co-exist.

symbolically, canadian geese pose a greater threat to california than mere feces. canadian geese’s qualities make them an evasive species. these qualities also offend many levels of the california government.

canadian geese are self-sufficient. they, in a large part, consume grass. unlike other animals, such as crows, raccoons, and bears, they do not go through trash or beg for food. they are content being living lawnmower. in essence, they can find their own food. they are independent.

canadian geese are territorial. they, in a large part, have their spaces wish to maintain a safe distance from humans.

canadian geese maintain two parent nuclear families. these two parents raise their gosling in tandem. further, they are protective of their young and become aggressive if they goslings are threatened. geese families congregate together with multiple parents and goslings handing out in the same area. in sum, they are amazing parents.

canadian geese are organized. they will meet and the honking and goosing will happen. this, at the wrong hour of the day can be an annoyance. .

canadian geese are able to survive in communities without handouts they do not commit crimes or use drugs.

is feces contamination is justification for a death sentence? in light of the state’s criminal justice system and treatment of the homeless, one must wonder of the patent unfairness to the geese why are homeless free to excrete and urinate freely within a community? why are they allowed to put up tents and sleep on the streets? why are they allowed to pollute the streets with drug paraphernalia? why are they allowed to steal locals property freely such as bikes, etc? why are they allowed to engage in drug dealing, prostitution and commit arson? why are accused criminals put out on bail? why are criminals given light sentences for crimes? a criminal charged with making feces on the street would most likely get a slap on the wrist?

the reality is that canadian geese embarrass both the california government and californians. they exhibit better independence, cooperation, parenting, and community skills that humans. further, from what i see, they maintain their healthy diet of grass. they are a sign that californians can do better.

in sum, canadian geese represent some of the greatest residents of california. it would be quite fitting if the canadian goose became california’s state bird, the california quail. the goose’s symbolism is sorely needed in a state that is awash in pandering and infantilism.

be well!!

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