A Much Needed Win: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

‘And that’s exactly what we are fighting to change.’ 

chesa boudin or the people who wanted him gone?

occupational choice is important for one’s success in life.  the right choice can provide one wealth, fulfillment and accomplishment.  the bad choice can be a source of unhappiness. an individual’s wrong occupational choice can unfortunately impact society.  

the legal field, like other occupations, includes many sub-specialties.  law offers the opportunity for one to be an advocate or a judge. 

legal advocates have the opportunity to choose sides.  they can represent plaintiffs or defendants.  they can represent individuals who sustain personal injuries or they can defend those accused of causing those injuries.  they can represent the interests of individuals or they can represent small business or they can represent large corporations.   

in criminal law, advocates can be prosecutors and work on behalf of the people.  advocates can be defense counsel and represent the accused.  

mr. chesa boudin chose the wrong legal occupation.  he chose to represent the people in the capacity of san francisco district attorney.   mr. boudin made the wrong calculus as to where criminal justice reform should occur.  he made his district attorney’s office an apparatus to assist both the accused and the convicted rather than the victims.   essentially, he normalized criminal activities in san francisco.  this year, the city’s murder rate rose 11 percent, and rapes went up by nearly 10 percent, larceny up 20.4 percent, and assaults up 11 percent.  dailymail.com

his criminal reform was such a failure that the people of san francisco finally had to put it to an end.  yesterday, they voted. mr. boudin is now recalled.  he can now pack his bags and find another career.  in parting, he leaves a city in desperate need of saving. 

perhaps mr. boudin can become a defense attorney and advocate for the people he really cares about, the accused and criminals.  this is where he should have been all along. others, will have to clean up the mess that he is in part responsible for making. 

this momentous election event is perhaps a shot fired off of the bow in the san francisco bay.  it is hopeful that this shot lands in los angeles harbor.  the boudin recall should inspire los angelenos that they too can recall a more heinous and vile version of mr. boudin. 

george gascon, district attorney for los angeles, has a remarkable reputation.  he is praised by the criminals who know that “uncle george” will take care of them.  criminals are well aware that their “uncle” in the district attorney’s office will be kind to them. 

recently, mr. gascon has had high profile embarrassments.  in two instances, he has allowed two minors to get soft punishment and were able to be sentenced within the juvenile criminal justice system.  one minor was sentenced as a minor despite video of them which can easily be interpreted as an and attempted murder of a mother with her baby in a stroller.   

in sum,  occupational choice is important.  one must think about what they want to accomplish on the planet and the best way to do so.  sadly, mr. boudin made a poor choice.  his choice caused much harm and pain to many.  fortunately, the people had the choice and ability to remove him.   hopefully, we can look forward to mr. george gascon practicing criminal defense law in the near future. 

be well!!

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