The “Pelican Leak”? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in 1993, mr. denzel washington and ms. julia roberts starred in the movie, “the pelican brief.” this john grisham thriller explored the assassination of a supreme court justice as a means to change the outcome of a future supreme court case. in the movie, it was an energy sector environmental case which put tremendous financial gain against the odds of protecting an endangered pelican species. the energy project was so valuable that it was worthy of a law firm positing that the removal of some justices could allow for a favorable decision.

in the movie, ms. julia roberts’ character, darby shaw, writes a legal brief, the “pelican brief” in law school, suggesting that the assassination of a supreme court justice was tied to the environmental case. this brief gets into the wrong hands and ms. shaw’s life is threatened. ms. shaw reaches out to greg grantham, played mr. denzel washington, a superstar journalist to assist. mr. grantham’s beat was covering the supreme court.

“the pelician brief”, a fictional tale, is now a reality. we have a “pelican leak.” this time, it is a draft of a proposed “actual” supreme court brief/opinion which is in part the reason behind an assassination attempt of a supreme court justice. the reporting on the attempted assassin of supreme court justice kavanaugh allegedly “told detectives that he was upset about the leak of a recent supreme court draft decision regarding the right to abortion…”

in the fiction story, it was outside business sources that wished to kill off a supreme court justice. now, one can morally say, that this attempt was an inside job. the “leaker,” most likely a supreme court employee, is morally responsible for this assassination attempt. the executive branch of government is morally responsible for this assassination attempt. moral co-conspirator, attorney general merrick garland, has culpability for not protecting the supreme court justices’ residences at the onset of the “leak.” former white house press secretary, jen psaki, is also a moral co-conspirator by her making light of the need to protect the supreme court justices. government officials’ rhetoric send signals out that the white house felt comfortable leaving a branch of government vulnerable to violence.

with the events unfolding in this manner, it is time to circle back. ms. jen psaki owes the american people and the supreme court justices an apology. she has proven herself to be a total fool. mr. merrick garland, who strangely resembles the equally inept mr. george gascon, as well, should offer the american people and the justices a formal apology for his failure to anticipate that his inaction would give rise to an assassination attempt.

most important, it is time for the “pelican leaker” to make themselves known to denounce this violence. the world has now witnessed an assassination attempt as the bi-product of the leak. assuming the “pelican leaker” works in the supreme court, the leaker is now morally responsible for placing one of their co-worker’s life at risk. further, they also put the justice’s family members in the crosshairs as well.

at this point if the “pelican leaker” does not come forward, they present to the world as someone who is morally bankrupt. an individual who is morally responsible for the possible murder of others to achieve their goal. they placed others’ lives on the line. if the “leaker” fails to come forward right now, they should be considered by all of society as a “immoral” pariah. any organization that supports the “leaker”, in light of this assassination attempt, should also take a long look in the mirror as to what they have become.

in sum, this whole affair exposes either the immaturity, lack of wisdom, or sheer evil that exists within the players involved in this matter. unlike the fictional world with a denzel washington character to save the day, we must ask whether there any adults in the room who “can do the right thing”?

be well!!

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