She Nailed It In 4 Words: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“For over 100 years, we have been taken for granted I will show you what real representation looks like. I will represent all people.”

mayra flores

newly elected texas congressperson mayra flores was interviewed. she brilliantly reduced her values’ message to four simple words: “god, family, our community.”

when you think about it, this values message is the “ten commandments. the values of “god” is presented in the first four of the jewish version of the commandments. with “god,” we recognize a universal creator all all humanity who is the moral authority that allows for us to pursue a good life. as such, with the sabbath commandment, all individuals, regardless of one’s station in life should be afforded regular time, the sabbath, for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. for “family,” there are the commandment to honor one’s parents. families are to be considered a place where there is honor and respect. for “our community”, there are the commandments to not murder, commit adultery. steal, lie, or covet others possessions. these limitations keep a community members strong and supportive of others.

with ms. flores, the reality is that she is providing a message of morality and values that pre-dates both the republican and democratic parties by thousands of years. it is the winning message for those who wish to have a good, decent and healthy society. it is a message that took freed slaves from egypt and placed them on the pathway toward forming a nation under god.

be well!!

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