The Dedication Behind Miracle Making: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“…being a firefighter, when you’re off the job, you’re really not off the job. You still got to keep an eye out for the community and what’s going on around you.”

myles copeland

miracles happen in ordinary life. many take them for granted.

mr. myles copeland, a mvp, most valuable person, made one of the greatest assists in professional basketball history. the assist that he performed took practice. it was not learned from the dribbling, shooting or passing drills but rather his firefighting and life saving drills.

mr. copeland, a career firefighter, is also is a professional basketball player. during his team’s playoff game, at the end of the first quarter, something happened. a game referee passed out on the court and became non-responsive. mr. copeland took action. he checked the referee’s vitals and did not get or pulse or any breathing. mr. copeland proceeded to administer cpr until paramedics arrived. the referee survived and is pending further medical attention to assist him in his recovery.

being in the creator’s image, many people have the opportunities to perform miracles. mr. copeland, as his quote above indicates, with his training, he is ever present that his life saving skills can be needed at any time and at any place.

in the end, mr. copeland best summed up what he did. it was “god was willing to work through me.” mr. copeland beliefs bring both value and meaning to his life. in one moment, he transformed an exciting sporting event a moment of wonder and amazement for all present. all present witnessed the life saving assist by a firefighter. as mr. copeland is early in his firefighting career, it is anticipated that he will be the source of more heroism and miracles in the years to come.

in sum, there is the old saying “doing the lord’s work.” how better can the world be that everyone able take up some skill or ability to assist others? it could be a (lot of) miracle(s)! what skills or abilities could they be? please feel free to put them in the comments.

be well!!

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