Cautionary Tales Are Cautionary: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

we all do stupid things. most of us are fortunate to not suffer severe consequences. avoidance of misfortune, however, is not a license to live life in a careless manner.

ms. brittney griner, a wnba, star apparently made a stupid mistake. reportedly, she was in possession of cannabis oil while traveling through a russian airport. if true, she lacked the awareness or sense to simply dispose of the item prior to going to the airport. cannabis products are readily available across a number of us states. the lack of precaution apparently got her arrested for possession of drugs in a foreign country.

the arrest’s timing could not have been worse. an american being accused of a crime in russia at a time that the united states and russia are having a molten hot “cold war.” the ukranian-russian conflicts dealings takes priority over the needs of an individual citizen. it is important to note that her arrest came before the conflict ramped up. ms. griner most likely was not in a position to appreciate the total extent of the problems she would be facing.

with her arrest and confinement, ms. griner has become political capital for russia. she is mr. putin’s propaganda as to the biden administration’s impotency. while mr. biden will never miss an opportunity to blast former president donald trump and his presidency, mr. trump’s records on us citizens in trouble abroad was well publicized as a success. mr. trump scored wins by assisting with the release of a$ap rocky and members of the ucla basketball team. as such, mr. putin most likely enjoys toying with ms. griner’s freedom to the insult mr. biden. it shows that mr. biden is weaker than his predecessor. in essence, ms. griner’s captivity is far too valuable for mr. putin to let go.

in sum, teens, college students and young adults traveling abroad should take to heart the ms. griner’s story. understanding and appreciating a foreign country’s laws is something necessary with travel. some countries in the world have death penalties for drug trafficking. as such, in the real world outside of parts of the united states, the world is not kind to those who make stupid mistakes. likewise, even in your daily life, moments of contemplation and caution can serve one well.

be well!!

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