Celebrating 550 Blog Posts With A Blogging Tip: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

is it time for a second blog?

mature blogs have themes, topics and select content. a mature blog has time tables for new postings and an established a relationship with its readers.

a successful blogger, however, can feel trapped by their blog. the joy, excitement and passion in writing and expressing views may be outside of the confines of their blog.

television, novels and movies provide some insight into the dilemma. consumers often want validation of their beliefs. programming creators know that they need to feed their readers some “red meat.” for instance, movies or shows must have the dramatic court scene, the bad guy getting caught, or the romantic relationship. consumers are seeking to have that experience and expect it.

a blogger’s diverse interests may differ from their consumers’ existing expectation. a blogger, with new content, risks alienating their followers. with that, the solution may be to create another blog that can serve as the outlet to explore the ideas and topics best not placed into the original blog.

with that said, it, however, does not preclude cross promotion. there is nothing wrong with posting your new content on your existing blog as a promotion. in essence, you are sort of advertising the new blog. by doing so, the blog followers understand that this is something new. they understand that the content they want will be there.

my arrival at a second blog, however is slightly backward but relevant. the ten commandments project blog moving along but i was having some issues producing more content. additionally, i wanted to check on whether my content was being well received. likewise, i had some ideas that were off topic. at the same time, for some reason, the blog i abandoned years ago, actually had gotten some activity. i decided that i would revive it with some posts to see what would happen. rather than a legalistic, law and order, and societal promotion blog, a revived blog explores relationships and the seemingly simple stories in the book of genesis which capture the human condition.

once completing the posts, i have placed them on the ten commandments project blog as a cross-promotion. i offered them up to the readers as something different. they appear to be well received.

the new blog has allowed me to gain better insight into my issues i have with my major blog. also, i was able to clear out some ideas and allow for some new thoughts for my original blog. i think having the second blog has improve the original.

in sum, at some point, you and your blog may not be on the same page. if this is the case, it may be time to open that second blog as to allow you the freedom to explore other areas you may enjoy to cover. by doing so, you will be able to maintain the integrity of your blog.

be well!!

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