An Eternal Concept: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the best way to help young minds develop is sparking their interest with enjoyable materials they can learn from. sometimes, it is as simple as a song.

one artist has stood out on this matter over the past decades. pop singer matisyahu’s melodies have even reached synagogues. i am familiar with one prayer taking on his music. his song “one day” is one that most should be familiar with. it was used in 2009, for nbc’s broadcast of the olympics. he has had a number of great songs addressing spiritual topics. . as an observant jew, he made his niche on the pop scene by not performing until after the sabbath ended on saturdays.

one particular song important for the young to explore. it is his song, jerusalem. in his lyrics, ” he offers “jerusalem, if I forget you let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do.” the song offers references to many concepts worthy of discussion. it is a contemporary offering of a historical longing.

my hopes are that a song such as this can be memorable to a young people. this type of music is so important to a child who is entering a world where there are some who want them to forget.

be well!!

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