Substance Over Sustenance, #challah gate: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

as insulting as the breakfast tacos of san antonio…

the historic inflation of racial, ethnic & religious insults from democratic party leaders has hit another high. it only took the short time from a san antonio breakfast taco to a new york city friday night “challah” to score this embarrassment. a challah is a jewish bread traditionally served at the friday night sabbath meal.

asian american nyc politician yu-line niou, with her #challah gate, has now joined dr. jill biden on the pantheon of the party’s questionable thinking and beliefs.

ms. yu-line niou was caught in a dilemma. to many in the jewish community, she outed herself as an anti-semite when she endorsed the bds movement. the bds movement is one that seeks to destroy the modern state of israel. it is reported that she said ““i believe in the right to protest as a fundamental tenet of western democracy, so i do support bds. ” this statement was in an email to the jewish insider publication. in an interview, she said, ” “i understand the background on why people would disagree with me, but I think that it’s important,” she told ji. “maybe i’m coming from a very legalistic standpoint, but I think that it’s really about our ability to have freedom of speech.”

perhaps, ms. yu-line realized that she stepped on a big slippery matzah ball as she might lose votes from the jewish community with her position. with that, she went forward with posting a cringe photograph on twitter with her in a jewish household pathetically trying to eat a whole loaf of challah. the table was surrounded with jewish products from israel. her commentary to the post revealed additional ignorance toward the jewish community as she referenced a challah baked with double butter. most challah, especially for friday night and the laws of kashrut, are baked without butter so that meat can be served.

while “a picture is worth a thousand words,” ms. yu-line fails to appreciate that she is dealing with the “people of the book.” jewish people able to read her statements and make a decision for themselves as to whether she is a friend to both the jewish community and the state of israel. she supports an organization that is about is the destruction of the modern state of israel. does she really think that her photo op will convince people otherwise? the new york post pointed out her hypocrisy.

in sum, if there is justice and common sense in this world, ms. yu-line’s campaign should register polling results of no support within the jewish community. that, would truly be something to “challah” about.

be well!!

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