The “Great Delegation”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

organizations and business have structures. the master of the universe, after creating humanity, understood that a structure was required for it to prosper.

many organizations have a pyramid structure. there are leaders on the top with it expanding out to members at the bottom. the leader passes directives onto others. this delegation allows for the organization have a large capacity. educated and trustworthy members can perform tasks, train others, and further delegate responsibilities and tasks. many organizations, to effectuate this, generate mission statements, by-laws, or human resource materials. this materials provide both instruction and reference.

with the creation of mankind, god realized that humanity needed an organization. thus, god sought out management and crafted materials and rules. he realized that his organization, a nation, would need to be eternal. thus, he crafted materials that would be multi-generation. likewise, he sought out individuals, with special qualities, who could become multi-generational.

he first connected with abraham. eventually, with his partnership with moses, he was able to culminate the formation of his organization at mt. sinai. his materials and mission statement being the ten commmandments and the torah. mt. sinai was essentially the organization’s shareholders meeting. with moses, he established the leadership to train and teach the populace as to the statutes, laws and ordinances. moses, with jethro’s advice, further delegated the administration of justice.

god’s role in the universe shifted with the completion of this delegation. with the tools in hand, the torah, the children of israel were able to form their nation. they established communities where both commerce, social services, and justice were available. the justice system established was blind. no finger was placed on the scales to guarantee victory for a particular party.

the delegation has faced difficulties over the thousands of years. tragedies reveal that hard work, forward thinking, and determination are forever tasks. individuals, not god, are the players in the organization. as people question god with events such as the holocaust, they do not question god about miracles effectuated by humans. with beta israel’s return to israel, a miracle, it was a man, prime minister menachem begin, who instructed his staff to bring him the jews of ethiopia. it was the efforts of many individuals who made this happen. humanity is capable of doing god’s bidding? operation moses, and its progeny, were man made miracles. humanity pulled off an exodus all on their own. there was no ten plagues needed. there was no parting of the red sea needed. rather, there was humanity, who with technology, that made the miracle. this is evidence of the power of the delegation.

for the delegation to remain successful, it requires those to reach out to communities to promote and encourage these beliefs and values to as much of society as possible. this hard work can create the foundation for peace and prosperity throughout the world.

this organization plan was revealed in genesis 18:17-19, as the master of the universe ponders whether to disclose his intentions to destroy sodom and gomorrah to abraham. “and the lord said, “shall i conceal from abraham what i am doing? and the lord said, “shall i conceal from abraham what i am doing? and abraham will become a great and powerful nation, and all the nations of the world will be blessed in him. for i have known him because he commands his sons and his household after him, that they should keep the way of the lord to perform righteousness and justice, in order that the lord bring upon abraham that which he spoke concerning him.”

with respect to the rules, regulations, statutes, and ordinances, it was said to the children of israel, “the hidden things belong to the lord, our god, but the revealed things apply to us and to our children forever: that we must fulfill all the words of this torah. deuteronomy 29:28

in sum, the master of the universe, to improve upon his creation of humanity, has taken to delegate the application of righteousness and justice upon the world via the organization he created and with the materials he wrote. each and everyday, we all play a part with this “great delegation.” each and every act of kindness and goodness adds up to a better life and happiness.

be well!!

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