Thou Shalt Give a Hug: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

it’s friday, the end of a week like no other for those in los angeles. a car culture society’s consciousness has been rocked. the life lesson has been felt and appreciated: common everyday occurrences can become life changing events.

this concept has been with me for years. my practice of law can involve simple normal events which becoming life changing. twisting a knee getting out of a chair, picking up a pencil from the ground, or typing too much can result in longstanding physical problems. these simple events can can individuals to lose their ability to support themselves, afford housing, or even lose their life. with these stories, i have grown to appreciate that, at any moment, life can take a permanent change for the worse. with this, i have grown to appreciate each and every moment in which this does not occur.

the two car accidents highly publicized car accidents, the one on la brea which took six lives, and the one involving the actress on walgrove which may likely take her life, have taken hold to many in los angeles. many people were impacted who were merely going about their day when acts. moments of irrational “toxic entitlement” cruelly imposed upon them and impact their future. these accidents were far different from the usual accident which may have been caused by inattention or road hazard. accidents by inattention or road hazard are expected with driving. we are often sad when those occur. they, however, have always been appreciated as accepted risk of driving. the two recent car accidents, however, were absurd and inexplicable acts.

many people in los angeles have have had conversations as to how fortunate we were to have not been out driving or in the neighborhoods when the accidents on la brea and on walgrove occurred. there are many stories being told by people of how they had planned to drive through that intersection that day to reach a destination. these people now feel, understand, and appreciate how a normal everyday occurrence could turn into a nightmare.

most have their hearts out to those who are now suffering as a result of these two acts. their lives will be forever impacted by these tragedies. for the rest of us, these acts remind us of how precious and fragile life can be. for the rest of us, we can hope and pray that others in society will conduct their lives with respect for others. for the rest of us, we seek to hold on to what we have. as we try to hold on to what we have, it may be the time to reach out and give a hug?

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