Paul Pelosi The New George Floyd? A Madd(ening) Press Release: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

You shall commit no injustice in judgment; you shall not favor a poor person or respect a great man; you shall judge your fellow with righteousness.

leviticus 19:15

a component of george floydism is to somehow take someone who has committed a bad act and to turn them into a saint. in mr. floyd’s case, a police officer’s excessive criminal conduct which contributed to mr. floyd’s tragic death elevated mr. floyd into a symbol for those professing social justice. is mr. paul pelosi the next george floyd?

united states has an organization called mothers against drug driving aka madd. when i was growing up, they were the standard barers for the evils of drunk driving. a recent press announcement, however, may reveal that the organization has changed.

a recent madd press release concerning the mr. paul pelosi dui arrest, arguably elevates mr. paul pelosi to george floyd victimhood status.

mr. pelosi, the speaker of the united states house of representatives’ husband, made news when he was arrested and charged for an alleged dui. he is as powerful, wealthy and politically connected as anyone in the united states.

mr. pelosi’s history and the facts of the dui case are remarkable. first, at the age of 15, mr. pelosi was driving a vehicle which was in an accident in which his brother died. there is a news report that someone warned mr. pelosi to slow down prior to the accident. approximately 67 years later, mr. pelosi was in another accident in which an individual was reportedly injured. it was reported that mr. pelosi he told police that he had been attending a dinner party. apparently, he had consumed some alcohol that night. despite being a multi-millionaire and able to afford a taxi or a hotel room if necessary, apparently decided to get behind the wheel of his car. mr. pelosi also could have asked his friends if he could stay at the party’s location until he was sober. instead, he left the party and got involved in an accident. mr. pelosi is accused of driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol count of .08, running a stop sign and striking another vehicle. he is alleged to have caused injury to the other driver. the police reported he had alcohol on his breath and he slurred his words. the police report indicated that mr. pelosi indicated that he took out an 11-99 foundation card and offered it to the police along with his drivers’ license. the publicity of mr. pelosi using that card allegedly to gain favor with the investigating officers prompted the 11-99 foundation to issue a press statement. the foundation stated that “any active 11-99 member who brings the foundation’s name or property into law enforcement contact is in direct violation of our membership terms & conditions agreement that all approved applicants agree to and sign when they join.”

since the arrest, to mr. pelosi’s credit, he has remained silent and has not gone to the press and expressed any comment. he is letting the legal process move forward.

in contrast, mothers against drunk driving issued a press release. one reading the release, without knowing the facts, would likely assume that mr. pelosi is a symbol and possible savior of the problem of drunk driving.

here is there statement

“MADD Statement on Charges for Paul Pelosi

  • JUNE 23, 2022
  • 0

statement on charges for paul pelosi:

“Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is grateful that no one was killed in the alleged drunk driving crash involving Paul Pelosi. MADD is appalled every time someone makes the wrong and extremely dangerous choice to drive impaired. It is a crime and it is 100% preventable. Every person who makes that choice must be held accountable – no exceptions and no excuses. Mr. Pelosi is uniquely positioned to help educate the public about the dangers of driving impaired and to address the drunk driving crisis on our nation’s roads. Drunk driving killed more than 12,000 people in 2021 – the most since 2007 – and injures more than 300,000 people every year. MADD is committed to serving the victims of this crime and working to end substance-impaired driving by supporting fair and equitable law enforcement and the implementation of a new law that requires drunk driving prevention technology on every new vehicle. We all have a responsibility to be a part of the solution by making the right choice to never drink and drive.” [emphasis added]

– MADD National President Alex Otte

madd’s press release is dishonest and deceptive. first, madd’s press release fails to acknowledge the fact that mr. pelosi was the driver accused of driving drunk. second, madd is grateful that no one died but failed to acknowledge that someone suffered injuries. are only dui death’s the only thing important? is permanent injury, paralysis or disfigurement things worthy of concern? third, madd wishes to makes mr. pelosi to be the great educator of drunk driving. what does mr. pelosi have to offer as an educator? he can apparently teach people to try to use their influence to impead a criminal investigation. he can apparently teach that it is best to leave a party in a state of smelling of alcohol and slurring one’s words rather than waiting for the effects of the alcohol to wear off. he can apparently teach them that you should never let your past mistakes in driving prevent you from making new ones.

mr. pelosi, given the alleged facts, is a horrible choice to present as an educator. madd’s choice of him begs the question as to madd’s credibility as advocates against drunk driving.

on the other hand, in the george floyd world, one can argue that madd had embraced social justice. those driving impaired and causing accidents and injuries are now the victims. additionally, they are the role models for society with respect to driving under the influence.

if light of all of the facts that have come out mr. pelosi’s matter, it is imperative that madd issue a new press release, clarify the facts, and clarify their positions. is mr. pelosi truly someone who is an educator on dui? or, is mr. pelosi and accused individual who is entitled to his day in court. further, madd should acknowledge the fact that there is an actual victim in the dui. there was someone who was injured and had his car damaged. does maad even care about this individual?

in sum, this press release is a sad moment in what used to be a well respected organization. if they do not address this error, they are only deserving of contempt.

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