“Thou Shalt Not Be Manipulated” The TCP Two Year Anniversary Post: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the tcp blog’s first post was on 8/10/2020. at the time, i started the blog because i felt the world was in chaos. two years have passed are were are still in chaos, albeit, a different sort of chaos. how have we survived the past two years? how will we survive the upcoming year? with these thoughts, i wish to share a bit of advice: “thou shalt not be manipulated.”

you are surrounded by forces seeking to manipulate you for their own goals. technology algorithms, media, governments, politicians, social activists, businesses, friends and families are seeking to impact your behavior. personally, smartphones and google searches seem to know my thoughts and desires. at the same time, they try to plant ideas into my mind via algorithm suggestions. i see my youtube feed containing items that i literally thought of. i see youtube suggestions that appear to try to turn me in a particular direction. manipulation can even be from your pets! they are perhaps the great masters of the skill.

a main source of manipulation is tapping into one’s emotions. we all want to feel. those who seek to manipulate know that stirring up your anger, fear and hopelessness will translate into value for them. these emotions, artificially generated, somehow make us feel alive. they can be addictive in our often emotionless lives. most of us simply want to get through the day. we want to get our work done with little “drama” and we like to have some peace and quiet at the end of the day. many of us, in our daily lives, don’t have the time to feel. thus, the artificial stimulation of our emotions can be enticing. likewise, an aroused anger can be as stimulating to the body. it is like a caffeinated cup of coffee. it gets the adrenalin going. we feel alive. the cost, however, can lead to an anger addiction.

over the past two years, in researching and topics for the blog and running the blog, i appreciated the extent of this manipulation even more. i saw how forces on the internet, to my surprise, seek to manipulate a small website. i appreciated that others sought to control my emotions and in turn my actions.

thus, i had to step back and ask, “am i being manipulated to engage in an activity?” if so, “is this something that i really want to do?” and “is this the right thing to do?”

in taking the step back, i have been able to appreciate what is going on. i don’t let others stir my emotions or convince me to engage in an activity that is not worth my time, effort or energy.

so, my advice is all of you to take a step back and see what is going on. what is the manipulation going on in your life? this exercise should be done on a regular basis.

i appreciated that when i took my step back, i returned to my fundamentals. the desire to live an honest life and respecting others. this, to me, is my base. to me, these are the fundamentals within the ten commandments.

with this, i wish you well….and god bless!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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